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IJBHTM1.  Bridging Public-Private Partnership in Agricultural Biotechnology. Latha Rangan and Sudip Mitra.  IJBHTM (2009), 1(1):1-4

Awareness, Attitude and Utilization Pattern of Hospital Information System among Healthcare Staff of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Dola Saha, Mahima Sethi.  IJBHTM (2009), 1(1):5-8

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IJBHTM4.  PACS: The Way to Improve Workflow and go Film-Less in Diagnostic Imaging. Jozef Živčák and Milan Roško  (Review Decision: Reject)

IJBHTM5.  Quantification of Artemether in Human Plasma with Liquid- Liquid Extraction by Using Fully Validated High Performance Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometric Method
. Raghunadha Reddy S, Y.K. Naidu, M.P. Kalyan Reddy, Koteswara Rao Divi, I.Sarath chandiran, K.N. Jayaveera  (Review Decision: Reject. Reason: Observed that this submission is reproduction of previously published paper [J. Chromatogr. B, 2002, 774, 195-203] )

IJBHTM6.  Relationship between Quality of Sleep and Quality of Life among Software Engineers.  Sara Sarrafi Zadeh, Khyrunnisa Begum (Review Decision: Reject)

IJBHTM7.  Pattern of Computer Use and Gaming among Medical Students in Coastal South India. B .Unnikrishnan, V. Kulshreshta, Rekha .T, Ganesh. K, B .Reshmi (Status: Accepted.  Final formatted manuscript yet to be obtained from Authors.  Current Status: No response from authors)

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